People often ask me, “Isn’t it hard to part with your babies each spring?” My answer is simple. I feel so good about sharing my passion with others that it is more like giving a wonderful gift than giving up a cute little kid. I feel confident in the quality of the goats I am passing on to others and that they will quickly earn the adoration and love of the new family whether for show, dairy or pet purposes. It is important for new or potential owners to know my policies so here they are…

-A $50.00 deposit per kid is required to reserve any goat (earlier you reserve the better! They go fast!) Please mail your deposit to my address found on the Contact page along with a brief description of what you’d like. I will e-mail you when the deposit arrives and THEN your order will go in my record book. Kids are not considered reserved until I receive the deposit. “First come, first served”

-Once kids are born, you will be notified and sent photos for your selection.

-Your satisfaction is important. Deposit is refundable only if I am not able to produce the kid you desire.

-Due to health concerns, kids cannot be returned once they leave my farm. I have too much invested in health care to risk bringing in any new “bugs” from another herd. So far, no one has ever asked to return one of my babies.

-Kids leave my herd in good health so any illness incurred after arrival in their new home is the responsibility of the new owners. There are no goats here with CAE, Johnes, abscesses and we have never had any significant illness (ex. no sore mouth).

-I ship kids through the Green Bay airport. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the new owner.

-I will try to assist with transportation by meeting you at an agreed upon location if needed. I make trips to Green Bay and Madison.

-Price of kids is based on the pedigree of the breeding pairs and dairy/show quality of the dam. I try to keep prices affordable so anyone can own a great quality goat.

-Genetics are not a perfect science and so although I strive to produce quality goats, only to better the breed, I can’t guarantee any genetic traits of kids or how they mature. Much goes into producing great dairy goats including how they are raised to maturity.

-All kids leaving this farm are given all they need to get them off to a great start including immunizations, a great diet, any information needed to raise happy health goats. I encourage people to stay in touch and contact me with any and all questions.

-Kids must be picked up at the age they are weaned (8 weeks) or within one week of that date. If you purchase more than one kid, then the pick up date is based on the youngest kid. A charge of $20 per week will be added for every week after that. Bottle babies must be picked up at 4 weeks of age…no later than 5, or there will be an additional charge of $20 per week.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please ask. Thank you for your interest!