2023 Breeding  Schedule

Does are due March-May

Now taking reservations.  Reserve early to ensure you’ll get the kids you want.



Prices range from $425 to $600 depending on the breeding pair, milk record and quality of kid. Wethers are priced at $175.    We strive for the very  best dairy quality in our breeding stock.  Please e-mail or call if you have any questions. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have. It is my goal to be sure you are totally happy with your new babies.

Cedar Gate is the sister farm of Grasse Acres. For more breeding pairs visit Grasse Acres

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                    DOE                      BUCK 


(145 days)

         Grasse Acres PJP Tintilia


               Rosasharn KD Holly’s McIntosh




    1 doe

    3 bucks


    Grasse Acres LS Vespolina

        Old Mountain Farm Swift Hart



    1 doe

    3 bucks

                Old Mountain Farm FeelN Qute

  Rosasharn LL Ciccolato Maccia





  3/ 29/2023


      1 doe



                  Cedar Gate PJP Blackbird


                          Rosasharn LL Ciccolato Maccia





     2 does





























Breeding pairs subject to change.