We are happy to accept your reservations for Cedar Gate Farm kids anytime!
Sister farm of Grasse Acres. To see more goats for sale, visit grasseacres.com
If you have any questions about our herd, please e-mail or call and we’ll be happy to help!
We occasionally sell adult animals.  Please inquire.



2/28/18  K1  Roussanne x Jackpot

blue eyes, moonspots (retained)



2/28/18   K2   Roussanne x Jackpot 

blue eyes/ moonspots  (sale pending)



3/2/18  K4   Kenya x Aufeis

(sale pending)



3/4/18  K5  Alicante x Aufeis

polled   (sale pending)



2/4/18  K6  Alicante x Aufeis

(sale pending)




3/2/18  K3  Kenya x Aufeis

(sale pending)



3/9/18  K9  Fiano x Helios

(sale pending)



3/4/18  K8  Alicante x Aufeis




3/4/18  K7  Alicante x Aufeis



3/9/18  K10  Fiano x Helios